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Pekes Progress 
For All Pekingese Breed Enthusiasts
Please note that the PROGRESS website is no longer active & that apart from a set of accounts that will appear here by the end of the year no further information will be posted

P ekingese 
R eview 
esponding with 
cience and 

The aims of PROGRESS were
to work towards ensuring that the next revision of the 
Kennel Club's UK Breed Standard is:

 • Correct for the health of the breed
  • Based on evidence, not prejudice
     • Acceptable to the breed enthusiasts
          • In keeping with the history of the breed

In May 2010, the Joint Breed Health Coordinators convened a meeting in Barnacle.
The meeting agreed on a joint way forward, including a new 2010 Pekingese Health Survey
It was agreed by all those present that the remaining funds in the PROGRESS account should be 
sent to the  new Pekingese Health & Welfare Account, in order to help part fund the survey.
A full list of the income & expenditure of the PROGRESS account will appear on this site by the end of 
the year.
Please note that the modest  funds of BCDOG will not be used in the same manner.